R48 Pro Hardball, as seen on ESPN - Two Ball Can

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Color: Blue

Price:  $9.95 for one can (two balls) ~ Save w/Bulk Pricing

Theme:  R48Pro Official Handballs

1 Can = 2 Balls

4 Cans = 4 Pack = 8 Balls

18 Cans = 1/2 Case = 36 Balls

36 Cans = 1 Case = 72 Balls

180 Cans = 5 Cases = 360 Balls

This World Players of Handball® Official R48®Pro hardball is the same ball used on the WPH R48Pro tour and probably the same ball you have played with for the past few decades when it was the Spaulding Ace; then Red Ace; PHA & Ektelon Premium Select after that.

The R48Pro offers you professional craftsmanship with a high-quality rubber construction for top performance at the highest level. Made in Taiwan at the same factory with molds that brought you other hard balls such as The Ace or Premium Select, to name just a few.


  • Official ball used in WPH® R48Pro Tour as voted on by the pro players
  • Endorsed by the WPH Elite eight
  • High-quality Rubber construction
  • Made in Taiwan, distributed in the USA in Tucson, Arizona
  • Two handballs in one shrink-wrapped container; each can individually sealed for more freshness
  • 100% of the proceeds go toward junior development and other innovations to grow the sport

One-for-one replacement guarantee:

Break a ball while the label is still on, send back and we will replace the ball at no charge.

The R48Pro ball offers impressive play-ability and consistency. With its extra fresh two-sided sealed can, this ball is ideal for hard court, outdoor, asphalt and concrete play. Total of 36 cans of balls per case. Two balls per can.