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The WPH is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Foundation that has continued efforts to expand, grow and develop the game of handball.  The WPH employs a full time youth development director, who works with juniors and athletes on a daily basis as a coach, mentor and promoter of the sport.  Additionally, the WPH travels the country as the administers of the professional handball tour; where elite players are highlighted by the WPH film crew, as matches are broadcast LIVE to worldwide audiences.--All in the hopes of bringing in new players and growing the game.

See our Junior WPH initiatives HERE> or visit

If you support the innovations of the WPH or the development aspects of this organization, please let us know. 

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Please always include your email address, name, and shipping details when making a donation.

Checks made payable to:

WPH (World Players of Handball)
3602 E Fort Lowell RD
Tucson, AZ, 85716

Our full group thanks you in advance for your support, your belief in our promotion & marketing and your suggestions, as we grow this game together.