EDTL Big Ball Handball - 4 Can Pack (Orange or Green)

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  • $ 19.95

Price:  4 Can Pack (8 balls) $19.95

Color:  Orange or Green

Sold by the case or by the four can pack (8 balls)

The first big ball designed and constructed exclusively for the sport of handball. Smaller, 55mm size behaves reminiscent of a small ball giving you the ability to generate hop and shot control.

The Edtl Big Balls were made for high-performance pro big ball handball. Heavier and faster than racquetballs because they’re made for the hand.

This ball comes in Green or Orange.  You can mix and match; after placing your order, send us an email:  wph@race4eight.com – Both balls play the same, just different colors.

Four pack is four-two-ball cans (8 balls total).